General driving rules

Before start your trip, learn more about the road conditions in Greece, especially in Crete compared to other countries. The road network of Crete is generally good with many paved roads. But several roads are different from the roads you are used to, they can be narrower, steeper, with inclines and many turns.

Driving a motorhome, you must drive slowly on several mountain and side roads that are narrow enough. Inside the villages, follow only the main road and that with care. Avoid driving inside the old towns even if this is allowed. When passing or parking near trees, balconies, awnings, etc., pay close attention and especially to  the upper part of the motorhome because the biggest damages occur with the upper part of the vehicle.

When driving, you must always pay attention to the height, and length of the vehicle, be careful of trees, 1st floor balconies, awnings, rocks and especially in narrow streets of villages and small towns.

Seat belts are mandatory for everyone in the vehicle while driving. It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. If a queue of cars has formed behind you, find a safe place to stop and let the other vehicles pass.

Avoid fatigue. Before driving, allow enough time to sleep and make sure you are rested before any long journey. In addition, allow yourself plenty of time to drive safely between your destinations.

Monitor your speed.

The speed limits on the roads of Crete are generally as  follows (unless otherwise specified):

110 km/h on highways

90 km/h on other roads outside cities

70 km/h on secondary roads

50 km/h  within towns and villages unless local signage specifies another limit.

If you have any questions, please,  ask us. Your safety is extremely important to us, and we are here to help.

Enjoy your holidays and routes of Crete, don't run!