Visit to Preveli beach with campervan

Visit to Preveli beach with campervan

The beach of Preveli is undoubtedly the most well-known beach in South Crete, drawing thousands of tourists there each summer.

Preveli has the feel of a far-off lagoon. It is a palm tree oasis with soft, fine sand and crystal-clear, greenish waterways. At this gorgeous beach, the Kourtaliotis River empties into a delta. Aside from the magnificent palm trees, the beach and river are surrounded by rich flora, which gives the scene a surreal feel.

Keep in mind, that during peak season, Preveli Beach gets extremely crowded due to its exceptional attractiveness.

Preveli Palm beach is not easiest spot to get there by camper. The most popular entrance is to walk from the parking lot near the Preveli Monastery. There are mainly steps, it will still take you fifteen minutes to descend and  fifteen minutes to ascend, but the walk offers amazing views down to the beach that are definitely worth viewing.

Another point of access is Drimiskiano Amoudi, which is located east of Preveli Beach. The taverna there has parking, and it's a ten-minute (quite easy) walk from there. This is undoubtedly more simple way, besides, in the evening you can park the camper closer to the beach to stay for the night and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

To visit unique Preveli  beach by camper you should navigate to the area near the beach.

Plan your route by using GRP navigation or maps to guide you.

Note, that the road to Preveli Beach may be narrow and winding in some sections, so drive cautiously, especially with a motorhome.

Upon arrival near Preveli Beach, look for designated parking areas. Depending on where you park, you may need to walk a bit to reach the palm beach. Follow signs.

Respect any camping regulations in the area, such as no fires or restrictions about having chairs and table out during the night.  

Once you have settled in, take time to enjoy beautiful Preveli beach and surrounding scenery. Remember to clean up after yourself and leave no trace.