Skoda Kodiaq 4x4/Jeep/SUV

from 70€7 adultsA/C2,00 x 1,402 + 1
Μέγεθος 6
Χιλιόμετρα Απεριόριστα
Ασφάλεια Βασική ασφάλεια
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Απαγορεύεται το κάπνισμα
A/C cabin Air Condition
Speaker system
Waterproof Roof Tent James Baroud Evasion
Built-in fan in the tent for ventilation
Built-in mosquito nets
Internal LED Lens
Panoramic view 360*
Ladder with storage bag
Water tank
Outdoor shower
Portable gas stove
Small portable fridge
Set of cooking gear
Furniture kit: camping table and chairs
Camping Kit: mattress/pillows, beddings, towels
Manufacturer: SKODA
Cubism: 2000 cc
HP: 190 bhp
Transmission: Automatic
Πρότυπο Εκπομπών: Euro6
Fuel: Diesel
Pieces of Bags: 3 suitcases
Number of Passengers: 7
Number of doors: 4
Tent dimensions: 1.40m X 2.00m
Foam layer Foam layer with a density of 28 kg/m3 and a height of 65 mm
Zone: Sleeping zone for 2 adults + 1 child
Extras: Rear view camera, Rear Parking sensors, Blind spot warning, 8" touch screen, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, USB ports 12V, Cruise control

  • No smoking
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Full risk insurance


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